At Colin Waite we think Hybrid vehicles are great and we are experts at sorting out any collision repairs you may need on your Hybrid. Yep, there are some specialist thing you need to consider if you are unfortunate enough to have a collision in your Hybrid car, so make sure you contact us.

If you are thinking of buying a Hybrid, remember you are saving money while saving our environment. Sound appealing? Here are just some of the reasons that more and more drivers today are looking to swap their gas-guzzler for a Hybrid Vehicle:

  1. Because a Hybrid vehicle is designed to combine the use of electrical power with a gas-powered engine, the resulting improvement to fuel economy can be astounding.
  2. In contrast to traditional gas-engines, hybrid motors do not need transmissions to get their engine working at full capacity, even in the lower gears. A hybrid car will function on a consistent basis at any motor speed thus reducing running costs.
  3.  The electric motor is designed to recharge itself using kinetic energy that is generated during the braking process. Additionally, when the vehicle comes to a stop at a traffic light, it’s engine will automatically shut itself off and then restart when the vehicle is put into gear. A feature that both saves on fuel consumption, and reduces environmental impact.2.
  4. Intelligent design features aid fuel efficiency. These features include the shape of a hybrid vehicle which is aerodynamically architectures to minimise drag and tyres that are made with a special rubber to minimise friction.
  5.  Hybrid cars are built using technologically advanced lightweight materials further reducing running costs.
  6. Driver experience is enhanced by the easy maneuverability around town (as a result of the lightweight material mentioned above) and the immediately noticeable reduction in noise pollution when driving a Hybrid.
  7.  In contrast to gasoline or diesel-powered cars which release tremendous amounts of chemical fumes and other harmful byproducts into the atmosphere, hybrid vehicles are significantly gentler on humans, and on the environment. Fewer and cleaner emissions can only be viewed as a dramatic break-through in “green-friendly” technology.
  8. Driving hybrid vehicles and thus reducing smoke emissions is also an invaluable contribution to addressing Global warming, one of society’s most pressing environmental issues.

At a time where soaring gas prices are the expected norm, slashing expenditure on your weekly fuel-bill is a welcomed relief. The fact that you can do so while playing your part in protecting the environment has many conscientious drivers looking seriously at making the switch to a Hybrid Car.